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This toy Tower Crane is designed for 6mm thick plywood (or potentially other material), to be lasercut from 2 sheets of 600x300cm. The drawings account for 0.1mm cut width.

When assembled, the crane stands ~840mm tall (This is excluding the solid wood base). The horizontal arm (‘Jib’) extends ~540mm from the tower.

The hoist block can be fitted with hook or magnet.
It has 3 degrees of movement:

  • up/down (~600mm),
  • radial (trolley can slide ~380mm along the jib)
  • axial (the top part can rotate 360 degrees)

The top connects to the tower via a 25mm diameter aluminum tube, which acts as rotation axel. Metal shafts or threaded rods (4 and 6 mm) and (plastic) gears are required for actual hoisting action.


This project still is, and might always remain, in prototyping phase

The prototype shown in the pictures was lasercut from 4mm poplar ply (didn’t have 6mm ply available at the time). This results in several measurements being off, like the box joints not being flush.

The current designs are the basis of the first ever iteration. They include many sizes of wheels, to be tested and tried during first construction. Several parts had to be hacked and changed to accommodate the machinery and ‘hoist cables’. With the experiences and lessons learned, a second iteration should prove to be better and allow for a less hacky construction.

Jib with trolley, various post-lasercutting hacks visible

Turntable with 25mm aluminum tube, hoist cable wheel and trolley crank

Complete prototype, with solid wood base construction and plastic hoist gear spockets

Lasercut at ZB45 Makerspace

This project was lasercut at the ZB45 Makerspace in Amsterdam: https://www.zb45.nl/, with their Trotec Speedy 100 lasercutter.

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